Margaret McSweeney uses the metaphor of a pearl in order to better describe the situations that ail us all. When an oyster takes in a piece of sand in order to create its coveted masterpiece, it is initially painful to the soft flesh of the creature. But, after the pain appears a clean, white symbol of simplicity, purity, and endurance that any woman would be proud to wear. Margaret believes that each woman is a pearl and, together, we form a necklace of great worth. In this book, readers will discover community and encouragement: women are not alone in either their pain or victories in life.

Respected authors such as Shaunti Feldhahn, Melody Carlson, Virelle Kidder, Robin Jones Gunn, Dannah Gresh, Kathi Macias, and others help remind every woman that they are not alone and that no circumstance is beyond the grace of God.

All royalties go to charity.

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