Weekly Devotional

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He (Jehoram) reigned in Jerusalem eight years and, to no one’s sorrow, departed (2 Chronicles 21:20).

The sadness of this statement in 2 Chronicles jumped out at me this morning and wouldn’t let go. As I get older, I […]

Blogtalkradio date correction!!!

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Due to a few technological glitches (have I mentioned that I’m clueless about this sort of thing???), the network hosts have graciously agreed to postpone the launch of my new “Write the Vision” program until October 15. What a relief! I’ll be sending out more info soon. Bless you all, and please keep praying! I […]

“Write the Vision,” blogtalkradio podcast, starting October 1!

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Beginning Thursday, October 1, I will be hosting a one-hour-per-week blogtalkradio show titled “Write the Vision” via THE International Christian Network (www.theicn.com). The show will air each Thursday evening from 6–7 p.m. Pacific time and will include teaching times, interviews, and questions and answer sessions. The focus is on writing as a ministry, so […]

Virtual Book Tour and Blogtalkradio Podcast!

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Exciting stuff coming next month, folks! First, I will be doing “virtual book tour” for my novel My Son, John. Here’s the link to learn more about it:


In addition, beginning Thursday, October 1, I will be hosting a one-hour per week blogtalkradio podcast called “Write the Vision.” It will […]

Perfect Love…

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There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear (1 John 4:18).

Tomorrow is 9/11—an infamous day that the vast majority of us will never forget. Much like those who were alive on Sunday, December 7, 1941, when Pearl Harbor was bombed, we remember where we were that morning in September […]

Looking for readers for my current WIP

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First, let me clarify that WIP means “work in progress.” In this instance, that means the manuscript I just started called Red Ink. It’s set in modern-day China, but not the China the media/Communist governement over there wants us to see. This is “behind the scenes” China, where true Christians who refuse to register with […]