An Update from Our House to Yours!

I must admit, though it’s been a great summer with lots of fun and exciting things going on, I’m not sorry to see it end. I’m just plain tired of being HOT and can’t wait to start enjoying those cool autumn days that are even now starting to whisper an announcement of their arrival.

As we roll into October, I wanted to update you on what’s going on here at the Macias household. All is well with Mom (doing much better than a few months ago!), and Al is still balancing his time between work and golf (though anticipating retirement so he can devote more time to hitting that little white ball around with his shiny clubs). He has also been busy installing a patio for our new soft tub, so life is busy (but good!) all the way around.

As for writing/speaking, business is booming. I’ve never been busier—thank You, LORD! The biggest news is that I’m launching a weekly one-hour radio program called “Write the Vision,” which will air via The International Christian Network ( each Thursday from 6—7 p.m. Pacific Time, beginning October 15. Now I have to tell you that the statement I just made is strictly on faith, as I’m still wrestling with the technological issues of getting this new project set up, but I’ve enlisted some pastoral help from church (from those who actually understand this sort of thing), so I hope to have it squared away so I can start recording soon. For any of you who may have questions about the writing/publishing world, this will be a great opportunity for you to email your questions to me at so I can respond on a future program. We have some great interviews lined up, so be sure to listen in—and help me spread the word!

I am also in the midst of a heavy speaking season, being home just one weekend between last month and November. After that my traveling schedule should settle down a bit, though I still have that book deadline of December 1 looming. RED INK, the third novel in the Extreme Devotion series, is one-third done, so I really need to get some serious writing done!

Above all, dear friends, please know that I appreciate you all and pray for you regularly. I hope you do the same for me. Until next time, Vaya con Dios!

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