When Your Aging Parent Needs Care by Candy Arrington and Kim Atchley is by far one of the most balanced resources for this much-needed topic that I’ve come across yet–and believe me, I’ve read a lot of them!

As the primary caretaker for my 88-year-old mother who lives with us, I know personally the challenges faced by those who take on the care of an aging parent. It is no easy task, and anyone who thinks otherwise should not even consider doing it without first getting the necessary education to realistically know what to expect. To have the necessary resources compiled so expertly as they are in this book will be a literal godsend to anyone who is already in the midst of this very special season of life–or considering it.

Though it is a privilege to be called to care for one who once cared for us, it should not be done without prayerful consideration–and all the practical help available. This book from Harvest House Publishers is a must-have for such an undertaking!

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