Don’t miss this special showing of the Resurrection mural!

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If you can’t catch it live on The 700 Club today, please watch the mini-special on my friend/blogtalkradio co-host Ron DiCianni and his magnificent Resurrection mural at the following link:

Be blessed this week, dear friends, as you focus on our Lord bursting forth from the tomb!


Writers’ Conference and Publishing Guarantee

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For anyone living in the SoCal area (or willing to travel there, as some are coming from as far away as Japan!), one of the best writers’ conferences in the country is fast approaching. Besides an amazing faculty (and very reasonable registration fee), the conference is sponsoring a contest for the best manuscript (fiction or […]

New blogtalkradio show

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Ron DiCianni and I did a trial-run program of our new blogtalkradio show, Communicate the Vision. With the proviso that it was an experimental hour, you’re welcome to listen in at We had a couple of speed bumps along the way, but nothing serious (one brief moment toward the beginning when we thought […]

A chance to learn the marketing end of publishing

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I receive so many questions and concerns about the marketing end of publishing these days. Because of that, when I also received the following from a dear and trusted Christian friend, Shell Washam, I decided I should help spread the word. If you get a chance, check it out and consider signing up. Here it […]