Yep, I’m a “mama” again! The first two novels in my Extreme Devotion fiction series with New Hope Publishers have arrived on my doorstep. Though the official release date isn’t until April 5, the books are available on Amazon now, and on CBD and Barnes and Noble for pre-order at reduced prices.

Today I’m going to introduce twin number-one, No Greater Love, set in South Africa. (I’ll introduce book two of my twins tomorrow.) Here is what Jerry Jenkins and Kay Marshall Strom have to say about No Greater Love:

“…Kathi Macias has created a sweeping epic about a land alien to too many, but more important is the crucial nature of the story and its monumental implications. You’ll feel as if you were there.”–Jerry B. Jenkins, bestselling author of the Left Behind series

“It has been refreshing and encouraging to see Christian fiction mature beyond the easy and grasp hold of life’s tough issues. Now our parameters are being pushed wider still by writers such as Kathi Macias who takes us outside the comfort of our own national borders to the harsh injustices of the world. No Greater Love pulls no punches, as it must not with so terrifying a subject as apartheid and the subsequent racial horrors it breeds. Yet, with a masterful touch, Kathi makes a most difficult subject manageable and helps us to see the story from various conflicting viewpoints. And in the end, No Greater Love leads us to the One who perfectly modeled love.”–Kay Marshall Strom
Author/Speaker, 36 books including The Call of Zulina, book 1 of The Grace in Africa trilogy

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  1. Carmen7351 March 16, 2010 at 8:21 pm - Reply

    Congratulations Kathi! These sound SOOOOO good! Can’t wait to read them.

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