1. How did you come to be a writer? How long have you been writing and when was your first book published? – I’d have to say I’ve always been a writer. I’ve been writing or telling stories almost since I could write and talk. My parents always told me I was a natural storyteller, so I suppose my career in writing evolved from that. Seriously pursuing it though? That came in college when I dabbled in fan fiction for 2 TV shows and had readers begging for more. I thought it might be worth it to attempt to turn the hobby into a career…and I have.

2. What are you currently writing? – I actually have 2-3 stories going right now, because I’m currently without a contract and have several proposals circulating. Two of those proposals have a western theme to them. One is a series set in Colorado and one is set in Wyoming. I’ve always loved ranches, horses, cowboys and the west. Now that I live in Colorado, what better setting is there to use? J Whichever one gets a bite is the one that will receive my full focus once the contract comes. Until then, I have to keep them all updated and ready for work.

3. What are some ways that readers of your books can help you as an author? – Umm, buy more and more books? LOL! Seriously, though. Word of mouth is the best help you can give. If you like my books, tell others about them, buy them for your friends and family members as gifts, or share the ones you’ve bought with others. Also, get in touch with me. I love to hear from my readers. Share with me your thoughts on my books, good or bad. I welcome both kinds of feedback. Without you, I’d be nowhere as an author. So, tell me what’s working and what’s not. After all, if my books don’t interest readers, my career won’t last long.

4. What one thing about writing do you wish other non-writers would understand? – That not all authors are rich. In fact, it’s a rather small percentage who can afford to simply give away all of their books or even make a full-time career from their books. 90% of authors supplement their income with another job or other work in some way. Oh, and of course, there are the voices in our heads. I’m sorry, but we simply cannot turn them off. So, if you see a writer with a glazed look in his/her eyes, you’ll know the voices of characters are speaking to him/her. J

5. What is something readers would be surprised you do? – That would probably be work for world-famous celebrity, Jane Seymour, by running her official fan site and negotiating with her business contacts in regard to her art, jewelry line and acting career.

6. How can readers get in contact with you? (mail, email, web site) – My mailing address is listed on the Contact page of my web site. There is a form on that page as well for emailing me. And I suppose it would help to have that web site. J Well, all right. It’s www.amberstockton.com. And again, I love hearing from my readers. Drop me a line. I always reply to all messages, electronic or written. Hope to hear from you soon!

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  1. Connie Cameron March 26, 2010 at 3:29 pm - Reply

    Good interview! I loved the part about wishing non-writers realized that authors are not rich. We also don’t get our copies for free, either. Keep up the good writing, Amber!

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