To be more accurate, this is a photo of me between a relatively new friend, multi-published, award-winning author Tricia Goyer (seated on my left), and a LONG-TIME friend of several decades, Martha Bolton. Martha and I started our writing careers together and had our first publicity shots for our first books done together. What an experience that was! (We didn’t know then what “glamour shots” were and ended up not using them for our book covers after all!) When we left the studio, we had so much “fat hair” on top of our heads and tons of makeup that we used the drive-through at a fast-food place to get our lunch for fear of being arrested if we went inside. (Good times!) Seriously, Martha has since authored at least a gazillion books, including several that made the NY Times bestseller list, and she worked as a staff writer for many years for the late, great Bob Hope. I never cease to be amazed at the people God connects me with as friends! Thank You, LORD!!!

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