If you get a chance, please tune in to www.blogtalkradio.com/communicatethevision at 11 AM Pacific today to hear my co-host, Ron DiCianni, and yours truly interview an amazing woman. Jane Hampton Cook is not only a bestselling author and frequent guest on Fox News, but she also served as a webmaster for President George W. Bush (1998-03), as well as serving two years as White House deputy director of Internet news services and three years in the Texas governor’s office. Whether speaking publicly, writing, or analyzing current events, Jane focuses on topics that transcend generations, such as courage, freedom, patriotism, leadership, communication, and womanhood. Her books, columns, and speeches deliver prolific portrayals of modern-day heroes and historic Americans. And don’t forget that if you miss us streaming live this morning, you can catch us in the archives any time after the show.


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