Wow, I haven’t enjoyed a read this much in a very long time! As a writer, I sometimes feel as if I’m on a “busman’s holiday” when I read other people’s books, and even when they’re well done, that tends to rob a bit of the joy from the experience. But that simply didn’t happen with A Memory Between Us by Sarah Sundin. Not only is this a great story, but the writing is superb! This is my first Sarah Sundin novel, but it won’t be my last! Even if you’re not a WWII fan (and I am!), you’ll still enjoy this well-told and well-researched story. This is a romance, but so much more! Men as well as women will be captivated with it. Come on! I’ll meet you at the bookstore–or at Amazon or CBD. Let’s all order a copy for ourselves and one for a friend. This one is too good to pass up!

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