Wish you had a Kindle? Maybe you already have one and would like to give one to someone else…? Well, here’s your chance. Help me get the word out about book three of the Extreme Devotion series from New Hope Publishers–RED INK–and you just might win one! I need reviews of Red Ink on Amazon and CBD (and anywhere else you’d like to post it, including your own blog if you have one), so post one and you’ve taken the first step toward being entered to win. Then, if you aren’t already a follower of this blog, click on “follow” so you will be. Finally, email me at ezyrtr@ca.rr.com to let me know you’ve entered and how to reach you if you’re the winner. This contest will continue throughout the month of October, with a drawing for the winner in early November (in plenty of time for Christmas!), so get busy with the most important step in becoming a winner: get a copy of RED INK and read it! I would really appreciate it, gang!!!

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  1. Miriam Jacob October 16, 2010 at 3:46 pm - Reply

    RED INK is a timeless portrayal of God’s mercy and grace, reaching out from the heart of a loving eternal Father, to bless the heart of a young, grieving mother, from whom everything was taken away except the one thing most precious to her – the priceless pearl of her faith.

    Kathi Macias tells the heart-rending tale of a group of people across the globe, each on a different spiritual quest, whose lives are extrinsically embroidered in an eternal tapestry of faith, skillfully crafted by the competent and loving hands of an omniscient God.

    It is a poignant, heart-moving story of unconditional love and of ultimate sacrifice, due to the unshakable allegiance of a young woman who, when faced with the fiery ordeal of persecution, only strengthened her own innate resolve and determination to take a firm, unflinching stand for the meaning of her name – “Truth.”


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