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Eighteen-year-old Farah, who lives in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, with her family, wants nothing more than to develop a deeper, more meaningful devotion to her Muslim faith. She sees the month of Ramadan as her chance to draw nearer to Allah, and she pursues that goal throughout the holiday. All goes well until the prophet Isa—Jesus—appears to her in a dream and calls her to Himself. At the same time, her only brother, Kareem, who has never liked Farah, actively seeks an opportunity to expose her for the sham he believes she is.

Meanwhile, Farah’s seventeen-year-old cousin, Nura, has begun to frequent an online chat room where former Muslims gather to discuss their new faith, based on their belief that Isa is much more than a Muslim prophet—He is actually the Son of God. While there, Nura becomes acquainted with an American girl of Muslim ancestry—now a devout Christian named Sara—and a friendship quickly develops. However, Sara has problems of her own due to her fifteen-year-old brother Emir’s involvement with a gang.

The lives of Farah, Nura, and Sara ultimately dovetail until each finds herself at a place where her faith is put to the test. Will they remain faithful to the end? Will God protect and keep them safe in the midst of persecution and treachery? Or will they be required to pay the ultimate price for their faith?

What others are saying:

People of the Book humbled me as I was reminded of my responsibility as a Christian to preach Christ more boldly. The smells, sights, and sounds of life in Saudi Arabia came alive again as Kathi Macias transported me back to the world I once knew, one in which I spent so many years of my life. Not only does Kathi do an extraordinary job in bringing the characters to life, but People of the Book shows the touch of a loving Savior to a lost world and illustrates the true meaning of what it means to pick up your cross and follow Christ. A must-read for every serious Christian.

Dolly Dahdal
A Former Saudi Citizen

Young women developing a friendship through an on-line chat room shouldn’t be trouble—unless one or more of them is from Saudi Arabia and the topic of discussion is Isa Masih—Jesus Christ. People of the Book is a tale of searching and finding, of love, courage, and sacrifice. And if the inevitable clash of a young girl’s faith and Muslim family honor is painted with deadly and heart-wrenching realism, interwoven throughout is the comforting reminder that cradling the smallest falling sparrow are the everlasting arms of a loving heavenly Father. A story that will challenge hearts and minds.

Jeanette Windle, author Veiled Freedom, Freedom’s Stand


Certain stories need to be told. This is one of them. People of the Book by Kathi Macias is an intricately plotted narrative of a young Muslim woman’s insatiable hunger for a touch from Allah during Ramadan. The touch comes, but not in the manner she expects. The experience radically changes her life, and her newfound Christian faith marks her as a traitor of Islam. Through Kathi’s extraordinary writing, we see God reaching the human heart. The author’s writing is savvy and places the reader into the heroine’s mind, emotions, and skin. I forgot I was holding a book, as the pages melted away, transporting me into the story, where I remained, to the last word on the last page.

Robin Jansen Shope
The Christmas Edition/Journey to Paradise
Ruby Red


I finished this book days ago and can’t get the characters out of my head or heart. Kathi has done an amazing job bringing this subject to life with sensitivity and grace. Reading this story will change you.

Laurie Alice Eakes, Award-winning author of Lady in the Mist


Through this Extreme Devotion series Kathi has shown her extraordinary gift of telling a compelling story that comes alive in the heart and mind of the readers. I also felt compassion for the extreme situations these characters found themselves in. In People of the Book, Kathi shows God’s word is alive and well. It has the power to transform lives in incredible ways. The reader sees that God can do far more than we can ever imagine! Thank you, Kathi, for reminding me to pray for a culture and a people I don’t often think about. I felt concern for the young women in this novel as they struggled with their faith, hope, and fear as they could be killed for taking a stand for Christ. Kathi Macias once again has skillfully penned a thought-provoking, believable, captivating mission-minded novel, one I can’t stop thinking about and highly recommend!

Nora St.Laurent
ACFW Book Club Coordinator
The Book Club Network


People of the Book will rock your world. Macias demonstrates the reality of Christian persecution present in the Muslim world with action-packed story and real-world characters. You’ll find yourself praying for the safety of the heroines (former Muslims who accept Jesus Christ) as their Lord and Savior. Buy a copy for you, your church library, and your mission-minded friends.

Jan Coates, author of Set Free and Attitude-inize


Be forewarned. Somewhere between the first word and the last, you may forget to breathe. But you will always remember this story, appropriate for our time. I promise.

Eva Marie Everson
Chasing Sunsets (Baker/Revell 2011)

A strong and moving story! All choices have consequences, some more life-affecting than others. People of the Book examines the cost of life-altering choices, both good and bad.

Gayle Roper, A Rose Revealed, Shadows on the Sand

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