Leave a comment about your favorite Christmas memory, and be sure you’re a follower of this blog, then also leave your contact info for a free copy of A Christmas Journey Home. Offer extended through Monday, October 10.

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  1. Anne Payne October 9, 2011 at 11:40 pm - Reply

    Hi Kathy! This is such a generous offer. I’m so glad I’ll finally have the opportunity to read one of your books 🙂

    My favorite Christmas memory is the last one we all shared with my mom. Since her bday was Christmas Eve we decided to surprise her by having all her children and grandchildren being there for Christmas. We would be here big gift. She had no idea! So, on the 24th at 6am we snuck into her bedroom and gathered at the side of her bed and all yelled Happy Birthday! She jumped up out of the bed, started crying and hugging us, all while my husband was filming it 🙂 Her expression is priceless when she realized she was being filmed!!! Little did we know that the Lord would call her home and that would be our last time all together. We had such fun and God was so good to give us such a happy memory!

    I’m a follower and I just subscribed to your weekly devotional. I can’t wait!


  2. Judy October 10, 2011 at 12:11 am - Reply

    Kathi, my favorite Christmas memory was the year my Son came to visit. We didn’t know he was coming. My husband at the time, Bob, was dying from a brain tumor but we didn’t know it as he hadn’t been diagnosed yet. Bob was having a lot of seizures and could no longer work. He was having trouble with balance too along with a few other problems. My Son knew I was trying to hold down the fort financially and trying to nurse Bob at the same time. My Son actually witnessed a couple of Bob’s seizures and how I was struggling to keep it all together. We still had a nice Christmas. When it was time to leave he hesitated. He’d give me a hug and start to walk to his car, stop and come back and hug me again. He did this several times and finally with tears he said, Mom I hate to leave, I wish I could stay longer and help you out. I told him I understood and thanked him and sent him on his way. My Son had given me a set of books for Christmas and a few days after he left I picked up a book to start reading it. As I got so far into the book I found some money. Through out this book my Son had left me several bills. I sat there stunned with tears streaming down my cheeks. I have never forgotten that Christmas. Bob died 4 1/2 months later.

    God is Good!

    I would be delighted to receive your book, A Christmas Journey Home.


  3. Sharon October 10, 2011 at 1:32 am - Reply

    Kathi – Thank you for the opportunity to win your Christmas book!
    My favorite Christmas memory is announcing to our families that I was pregnant with my daughter (after several years of trying). What a joyful Christmas celebrating the birth of our Saviour and a new life that would be born the next year.

  4. Anne Baxter October 10, 2011 at 1:47 am - Reply

    PS–I already have a book–but I guess you know that. However–I wouldn’t mind donating one to the library in town. Mine will go to our church library.

  5. Sandra Stiles October 10, 2011 at 2:04 am - Reply

    My favorite Christmas memory is the year I became a single parent. I was entering my last semester of college and had nothing for Christmas. We found a small tree at Goodwill for $5 and Woolworth was going out of business. My kids and I bought some craft items and made ornaments for the tree. GOD blessed us with gifts. We were adopted by a youth group. To this day I have no idea how they got my name. I cried because I got the one thing I prayed about, a skillet (I only owned 1 pan). The reason this is such a fond memory is because my kids aged 6 and 8 focused on the meaning of Christmas instead of the presents. They helped me decorate a cake given to us to celebrate Jesus’ birthday. The next year my kids asked to put up the old tree and ornaments they had made and to bake a cake for Jesus’ birthday. The lesson learned that year carry on. They still put those ornaments on the tree to this day even though they are both married with children.
    skstiles612[at] yahoo [dot]com

  6. Sheryl Barnes October 10, 2011 at 2:11 am - Reply

    Hi Kathi
    What a great give-a-way. I love this book and will be passing along my other copy for someone else to enjoy.
    My favorite Christmas memories are of the family get togethers. We always had on Christmas Eve at my MawMaws home. Family is very important to me and we always spent each Christmas Eve at my grandparents home. Those memories are so vivid as I remember all the family. Christmas morning was for my immediate family with my parents, sister and two brothers. We now carry on some of those traditions when possible. Though our family has changed with the loss of loved ones and the additions of new ones, it still remains as one of my favorite things for the Christmas season.

  7. One of my favorite Christmas presents was last year when a very generous and gifted author awarded me a Kindle :-).

    Another favorite Christmas memory is from when I was quite young and my family was visiting my dad’s brother and his family. My uncle kept telling my brother and me that if we didn’t believe in Santa (we never had) that we wouldn’t get any presents. Well, on Christmas morning, we had presents, but my aunt had forgotten where she had hidden his gifts, so he didn’t have any under the tree!!

  8. Jessica October 10, 2011 at 8:12 pm - Reply

    When my brother and I were young, we always spent Christmas with our maternal grandparents. On Christmas morning Grandpa always carried us down the stairs with a blanket over our heads (so we wouldn’t see all the presents in the living room) and brought us right to the dining room where Grandma always had a Christmas breakfast feast ready for us. We would also then see the mess that the “reindeer” had made of the corn we left out for them the night before – usualy leading through the kitchen and out the front door. I just love that Chrismas tradition.
    I now follow your blog and my email is in my profile.

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