Seldom am I as touched and energized by a book as I have been by The Privilege of Persecution by Dr. Carl A. Moeller and David W. Hegg with Craig Hodgkins. This is not an easy-reading, light-and-fluffy escape book; it is an in-your-face and piercing-through-your-heart challenge that will motivate you to a greater commitment to prayer and sacrificial living, as well as a deeper understanding of the Body of Christ.

Thank God for those who are already living such sacrificial lives–and may the rest of us wake up to our true purpose as the Church and join with them while we still have breath and time. I strongly encourage you to get this book for yourself and one for someone else. The time is short, beloved, and we mustn’t waste what we have left. Please do a cut-and-paste of the link below and check out this excellent book, will you?

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