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Dead Running – Excerpt #8

“You’re dating that redhead.”

I whirled to find Jesse within touching distance. I sighed with relief that it was him and not Muscle Man, taking a moment to admire what his body did to a black T-shirt and nicely-fitting jeans. A frown marred his exquisite face. I rubbed at the lines in his forehead.

Jesse grinned. Ooh, I liked that smile. “Do I look that upset?”

“Yes.” I licked my bottom lip, pulling my fingers back to my side of the line, though they longed to touch him more. “I don’t like seeing you upset.”

“I feel the same.” The warmth of his smile faded. “I don’t like seeing you with that guy either.”

I blinked several times. “Why do you care who I date?”

He folded brawny arms across his wide chest. I studied the dragon encompassing his left forearm and took long breaths to remind myself this was not the man for me. “You’re a beautiful girl, Cassidy. Please don’t get mixed up with someone who’s not worthy of you.”

My eyes narrowed at the compliment diffused by a warning. “And who would be worthy of me?” I took a step closer and poked him in the chest. “You?”

His face drooped. “No, not me.” He did a quarter-turn. “Please just trust me and stay away from him,” he whispered, looking back at me with tortured brown eyes.

Why not him? My gut ached. Why did I want a man who obviously wasn’t interested? But I couldn’t give up on Jesse that easily. I pushed a bit harder. “Why would I stay away from him when you’ve given me no good reason?” Please tell me you want me for yourself. I hoped my eyes conveyed the message I didn’t dare verbalize.

Jesse twirled a curl of my hair between his fingers. Gently, he brushed it back from my face. His fingers caressed my cheek. “I can’t give you a reason, but I wish you’d trust me.”

His arms were covered with tattoos. His sculpted face had a decidedly rough edge to it. The only thing that looked trustworthy about this man? His eyes. “That’s all you’ve got?”

Jesse sighed. He dropped his hand. I leaned towards him, wishing for another touch. “Please be careful,” he said, before walking away.

I shivered, trying to decide what unsettled me more−his touch or his warning.


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