Dear friend and fellow New Hope author Janet Thompson has just released two more wonderful Face-to-Face studies for women, this one about grandmother and mother, Lois and Eunice. You don’t want to miss either one!

Face-to-Face with Lois and Eunice: Nurturing Faith in Your Family

Lois and Eunice followed the numerous Scriptures instructing one generation to pass on their faith to the next generation, and young Timothy grew up to be a second-generation leader of the early church.

Often mentoring focuses on reaching out to others, but as parents and grandparents the first line of mentoring should be within your own family, a concept repeated throughout the Bible. The Bible has many devastating examples of parents who were poor role models or didn’t rear their children to know God, as well good and faithful parents whose children wandered away from God.

Face-to-Face with Lois and Eunice focuses on how women today can be grandmothers, mothers, aunts, and mentors whose faith takes root in the next generation.


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