I am so pleased to post this amazing endorsement of my current Freedom series (on the topic of human trafficking) from a courageous survivor of human trafficking, a woman who now works to help rescue others from this horrific life and to see them redeemed and restored in Jesus Christ. What an honor to partner with such people in this much-needed ministry! Following is her endorsement of book one in the series, Deliver Me From Evil.

Deliver Me From Evil

by Kathi Macias

A Survivor’s Review

of Book #1 the Freedom Series

I’ll admit, at first I was skeptical;

I mean how could she possibly know . . .

Imagine my delightful surprise when midnight struck that first night

and I, a grace-card-carrying survivor, was unable to put the book down.

Kathi Macias has the unique ability to weave a hometown issue into the

once-impermeable universal tapestry of human trafficking.

Deliver Me From Evil follows the stories of several different characters in the U.S. and abroad. The author’s riveting separation of characters is mind-boggling. Through each one God’s plan is revealed; raw courage emerges and hope springs up so powerful, it can surpass physical borders and rip apart the ignorant lie that until recently kept us all silent.

Although fiction, Macias’ superb introduction to the tragedy of modern-day slavery is surprisingly accurate. She’s a true pioneer in the abolition of sexual slavery.

After reading Deliver Me From Evil, you will no longer be able to close your eyes and say, “This kind of thing doesn’t happen in America.”

She features a realistic approach to everyone’s biggest question regarding human trafficking.

What can I do?

The Freedom Series can be used as an appropriate ministry tool to inspire teens, parents and individuals who simply want to understand the issues or feel led to become part of the solution.

I’m left with only question:

How soon can readers get their hands on Book #2 of the Freedom Series?

***Stacey Rudge

Grace-Card Carrying Survivor of Human Trafficking

Stacey, I’m happy to announce–to your and everyone else–that book two in the series, Special Delivery, has officially released. You can buy it at many stores across the country, and also at nearly any online venue. Remember, together we can make a difference. Abolition!

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