Everyone thought someone else was doing what needed to be done to help the poor and needy, but people were slipping through the cracks. A mother and her children are overlooked, and the children pay the price.

Ten years in the making and reflective of much of the author’s 17 years as a Southern Baptist Pastor, In His Very Steps is the story of Reverend Jim Harter and his congregation who totally blow it! Humbled and repentant, the pastor leads his church to confess their sins and return to the Bible for forgiveness and guidance. A few follow and promise to take no action or make any decision without first answering the question, “What does the Bible say?” Others, however, oppose the pastor and the promise-keepers — viciously.

“What Does the Bible Say?” is the first in a new, seven-part Christian fiction series emphasizing the disciples cross and its seven spiritual disciplines. Book one focus is on obedience. Other books in the series will focus on witnessing, prayer, worship, fellowship, ministry service, and discipleship.

Dr. Williams applies his knowledge of conservative theology and his years of ministry service to address topics including evolution, professional ethics, pre-marital sex, contemporary theology, Christian division, and more.

The stunning ending of the book will leave readers considering how the world could change for the better if people lived by Christian faith and obedience. Living in the very steps of Jesus is not only possible but it is a promised, future reality (Rev 21).

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