The LORD will fight for you while you keep silent (Exodus 14:14, NASB).

Is there any better example anywhere of God fighting for His people than in Exodus, where He used Moses to lead the Israelites out of bondage in Egypt? The story of God’s deliverance involves plagues, death of firstborns, and the parting of a great body of water. God’s people escaped on dry land, while others drowned when the waters of the Red Sea returned to their original place. Quite a dramatic and epic event!

I suppose the one thing that stands out to me most in this story is the statement above, that the Lord will fight for his people when they keep silent. Anyone else find that the toughest thing to do at times? Seriously, once we’ve sought (and received) God’s clear direction on something, why do we find it so difficult to keep silent as we watch His plan unfold? Is it because He most often chooses to do things differently than we think He should? Do we feel compelled to question Him, and even try to correct Him, when we grow uncomfortable with the way things are going?

I can only imagine how the Israelites felt when they realized they were trapped between the fire-breathing Egyptians and a huge body of water. Now what? Where do we go now? Did You really mean to bring us here, Lord? Couldn’t You at least provide a few boats so we can get across to the other side before our former captives annihilate us?

God calls us to prayer and obedience, not whining and second-guessing. I know that, but I confess on many occasions to giving in to the latter rather than sticking with the former. And then I wonder why God doesn’t step in and work things out as I think He should.

Is it possible He’s simply waiting for me to “keep silent” before Him, to trust that He will fulfill His purposes—in His way and in His time, for His glory? If you, like me, struggle with trusting God, particularly in the face of fears and uncertainties, perhaps it’s time we all practiced keeping silent a bit more—and watching to see how God will part the waters in front of us.

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