Before there was community, there was family. Before there was family, there was one man and one woman created to be family and to be the prototype for community.

For more than 40 years, David Stevens, D. D., pastor/founder of Christ Center Church of God,CEO of Sound Marriages has researched, developed and presented vital materials designed to help families reach their best life.

Sound Marriages over the last four decades has looked for opportunities to share the message of healing and wholeness by producing marriage and family videos, booklets, workbooks, workshop materials, family counseling, and countless seminars around the country.

Dr. Stevens is an energetic speaker who demonstrates a rare talent for presenting scholarship in a simple and humorous wrapping. He speaks from a solid scriptural base with the conviction that it supplies the only reliable foundation for marriage and family. He has authored, to date, four books on the affairs of the heart and as a relationship coach and counselor, many have continued to seek his wisdom and expertise. Now you can avail yourself of Dr. Stevens’ vast experience and expertise through this excellent marriage resource, Marriage: Catching a Second Wind, by going to


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