We raised our kids with other kids of every race and nationality. We taught them to look past (what I see as) a trivial, dying social bookmark (skin color) and choose their friends based on character.

I have a 25 year old son who is a rising marketing professional and was recently placed in charge of the entire marketing campaign for one of Universal Studios biggest upcoming films–the first “black” person to get that distinction at his age. I have a 21-year old daughter who’s pledged a sorority whose membership is 95% Asian (she’s finishing her undergraduate degree this year on her way to being a veterinarian). My youngest son is unbelievably personable and comfortable in any situation with any group of people–he’s in his 2nd year of college.

My kids aren’t defined, limited or obligated by over-inflated racial tags–because their parents taught them to be confident and have esteem in the god-given qualities that have greater value to a society, a culture, and a person.

I spent the last 25 years of my life changing the world by raising three intelligent, exceptional young people and helping put them in position to move society forward. There’s more than one way to change the world…and parents, you still hold the greatest hope the world has for a better future…sitting right at your kitchen table.

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