I had the privilege of visiting with/speaking to this lovely group of Christian writers a few years ago, and now they’ve put together this delightful devotional that will truly bless your heart! Here’s what the group’s leader, Lucy Adams, has to say about it:

John 3:16 has always been a favorite of thousands of Christians. Then one day I became interested in what Matthew, Mark and Luke had to say. Those Gospels were surely as magnificent as the more familiar one in John. Sure enough, my eyes and heart opened to a new revelation that was deep and fulfilling as the one I had known from memory. Then I went to Acts, Romans, I and 2nd Corinthians and on it went. When I had gone through Revelation, I felt led of the Lord to write my responses.
Each book and letter in the New Testament is packed full of deep and powerful meaning in the 3rd chapter and the 16th verse. Only 6 of the short letters do not have a 3:16. It wasn’t long before I had written seven response/devotionals.
When I shared the good news with my friends in our Christian Writers Fellowship they too were excited to investigate all of those insights. Therefore, our book was begun and 19 members and friends contributed within a two year period. GOD SPEAKS has two brief messages from two different people, and there is a page for the reader to write their reaction to the same Scripture.


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    This sounds like a great idea!

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