The Ransom (Toni Matthews Mystery Series #3)2019-07-26T19:46:09+00:00

Project Description

Toni Matthews is back—and the stakes have never been higher.

After her honeymoon, Toni returns to her detective agency with a new partner, her former police officer husband, Abe. But a new case soon puts them in harm’s way again.

A seemingly routine missing person’s case quickly draws them unknowingly into the dangerous underworld of drugs, violence, and murder. Even as Toni and Abe become involved in prison ministry through their church; Abe’s Jewish aunt, Sophie, continues to struggle with the question of who Jesus really is; and Toni’s younger sister, Melissa, wrestles with teenage romance involving an unbeliever, the deadly web is closing around the newly married detective couple. The circumstances surrounding the interwoven relationships soon build to a dramatic climax with Toni’s—and ultimately Abe’s—life hanging in the balance.

In the end someone will have to pay the ultimate ransom to save their lives.

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