The Ransom (Toni Matthews Mystery Series #3)


Toni Matthews is back—and the stakes have never been higher. After her honeymoon, Toni returns to her detective agency with a new partner, her former police officer husband, Abe. But a new case soon puts them in harm’s way again. A seemingly routine missing person’s case quickly draws them unknowingly into the dangerous underworld [...]

The Price (Toni Matthews Mystery Series #2)


Peace at Toni Matthew's house is short lived after her father's murder is solved. With her sister, Melissa, home safely and a new romance budding with Abe, it looks like Toni's opportunity to put her life back together. But the moment's serenity is shattered when Carrie, Melissa's best friend, is crippled during a [...]

Obsession (Toni Matthews Mysteries, No. 1)


Toni Matthews is a twenty-six-year-old with a firm grasp on her life and destiny—that is until she receives a phone call. While on a fishing trip vacation, her father, Paul Matthews, was killed in a horrible accident. Then, while settling the affairs of her father's detective agency, she receives a mysterious phone call [...]